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Copyediting includes proofreading and so much more! You want your manuscript to reach as many people as possible. That's why it's essential your work is not only free from grammar and spelling errors, but also edited according to the stringent guidelines of The Chicago Manual Of Style (17th edition) or a publisher's specifications. My copyediting services take care of all this for you, simplifying your life so you can focus on your passion—writing.

Copyediting services are offered at a starting rate of $0.02 per word.

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Proofreading is the final step you need before publishing your manuscript. As a writer, you are so familiar with your own work, it's easy to miss errors. That's why a certified editor can make the difference between a 1-star and 5-star review!

My proofreading services include checking your grammar, spelling, word usage, and all the nitty-gritty details like extra spaces between words, missed quotation marks, and more. Keep your readers distraction free by letting me proofread and polish your manuscript today.

Proofreading services are offered at an unbeatable price of $0.01 per word.



Your story is important. That's why my goal is to polish and perfect it, get it ready for publishing or self-publishing, and help it reach your audience without the distraction of errors or typos.

As an editor and writer specializing in fiction and faith-based writing, I aim to make your manuscript the best that it can be! Check out the professional editing services here at Power Words to see how you can bring your publishing dream one step closer to reality.

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