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Are you ready to take control of your health? Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan For Healing Naturally by Chris Wark is so much more than just another health book—it’s like having coffee with a good friend. Chris was diagnosed with stage IIIc colon cancer at the age of twenty–six. He had surgery, but instead of doing the nine to twelve months of chemotherapy he was told he had to do, he used nutrition and natural therapies to heal from the cancer that had already spread to his lymph nodes. Now, in 2018, he has been cancer free for fifteen years. Chris shares his story candidly and boldly, his conversational tone making his book not only relatable, but gripping.

When I read a health book, I want to know if it’s legitimate, or just someone’s opinion. Rest assured, this book is the former. Chris has certainly done his homework—his research comes from reputable peer-reviewed scientific studies and medical journals. He also makes certain to “follow the money” before accepting study results as fact—who funded the study, and is there a conflict of interest? On his website,, Chris has also interviewed over fifty cancer survivors who have healed from their cancer through natural methods—primarily plant-based nutrition. The bottom line? Chris’s healing was not the result of luck—the nutritional and natural approach he used has been tried and tested numerous times, and it works.

In addition to explaining exactly what he did to heal cancer, Chris explains that most cancers are a result of lifestyle and toxicity around us, rather than just bad luck or genetics, as was previously believed. The pitfalls of the cancer industry are also explored. Other topics covered include how nutrition fights cancer, helpful supplements, exercise, getting rid of toxins, why chemo doesn’t cure cancer, eliminating stress, and spiritual healing to highlight a few.

I found it refreshing that Chris paid attention to the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—in his book. I also admired his candor in sharing his faith. For example, Chris prayed that God would lead him in the path of healing, and the next day he received a book on nutrition. Chris also talked about how spending time with God in prayer, reading the Bible, and listening to worship music gave him peace in the midst of his cancer journey, and how he found God to be faithful. Chris did not leave out this component of his story, but he was not preachy either, explaining his faith graciously and honestly.

Chris Beat Cancer is like a distillation of all of the free information available on his website of the same name. It’s also a great synopsis of his Square One healing cancer coaching program, a series of video modules that he has made free once a year for the past number of years. The bottom line is that there is hope! Even though I do not have cancer, I must admit that after reading Chris's book, I was incredibly inspired to live a healthier lifestyle. I have since found myself eating way more fruits and veggies and getting rid of toxic products in my home.

I highly recommend Chris Beat Cancer. Chris’s research is reputable and uses evidence-based scientific studies. His methods have been tried and proven. He doesn’t focus only on the physical, but addresses important issues like stress and faith as well. This leads me to give the book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. So, ask yourself this question again—Are you ready to take control of your health? If so, Chris’s book can help you along your way.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the author for review purposes. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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